Nourishing Women's Wellness 

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massage therapy and microblading in roswell ga

Nourishing Women's Wellness 

Body and Beauty Solutions was created to encompass a unique blend of services to address the physical, mental, and emotional wellness typically associated with the needs of women. Our services include a variety of massage modalities that are designed to relieve pain, assist in the rehabilitation of physical injuries, and target overall emotional wellbeing. We also cater to the promotion of individual perception which stems from an absolute passion for embracing all levels of beauty. All eyebrow services specialize in the natural enhancement of your brows. 

We pride ourselves on professionalism and delivering individualized, one-on-one attention to all clients without the concern for staff limitation. Body and Beauty Solutions We create a safe and welcoming environment to ensure an unmatched experience. 

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This was an amazing experience for my mother. She received a deep tissue and a Himalayan foot massage from Tierra. She felt well taken care of by Tiara's professional, warm demeanor. I am out of state so I searched extensively for a place where my mother would be able to explain her body ailments and be handled with care. This Roswell, Ga location is a private, clean, tranquil sanctuary and was everything she wanted and more. I hope you enjoy your visit half as much as my mom did. Thanks Tierra for taking great care of my mom! Trust me, you made a long term friend, we may see you for Thanksgiving. Lol

It's starts from when you first walk in the room... the aroma ... the atmosphere.... so relaxing. She offers tea and waters .... she greets you and is super kind and friendly. I had microblading done and it was such a calm and relaxing experience!!! The entire time she is conscious about your well being. Offers blankets and is not rushed. So friendly and easy going...and she does an excellent job, plus she listened to all of my concerns!! So grateful for Tiera! She was great!!

Ty M.

Julie B.

Hot Stones Massage

Massage Therapy

Research shows that massage therapy has several potential he​alth benefits for back and neck pain sufferers. Back massage can increase blood flow, flexibility, and improve sleep. Increased circulation brings needed nutrition to muscles and tissues. Neck massage helps to relieve stiffness and tightness of the neck muscles to increase the circulation of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) ​which can eliminate fatigue, headaches, poor concentration and memory constraints. Neck massage can also improve the brain's function. 

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup

Nano-Microblading and Shading

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller brows. With this method various looks can be achieved: an elegant natural light finish to a beautiful bold brow. Clients will be advised on the best brow shape and brow color based on the natural hair color and skin undertone. A handheld tool is used to manually draw hair strokes to create a beautifully enhanced brow.


Tiera Jones MS.,LMT.,CPMT.

Licensed Massage Therapist and PMU Artist

Tiera Jones, owner and Licensed Massage Therapist, graduated from Georgia Massage School and is an active, certified member of the ABMP, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, she was determined to find methods outside of Western Medicine to treat the symptoms. Clinical Massage became a groundbreaking endeavor that would lead to, not only lasting relief to chronic pain and stress, but also to the desire of becoming a passage for others to experience pain relief without the sole dependency of medications.


She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology in Boston, MA. After relocating to Georgia and continuing to embrace her enthusiasm for the study of human behavior, Tiera received her master’s degree in Psychology in 2017. The integration of psychology and massage has allowed for a strong understanding of her client’s needs and a well-executed, customized massage session that delivers positive results on both physical and mental spectrums.

Recently, Tiera decided to integrate her interest in the beauty industry to provide a uniquely blended brand where massage meets beauty! Becoming a permanent makeup artist continues to be an amazing journey; she is not only certified in her craft, her studio is in compliance with OSHA Regulations, County Licensing, and is properly insured

Licensed Massage Therapist 

carmen gregory LMT.

Carmen is a certified Energetic Healer and a graduate of Georgia Massage School. Her synergetic approach to balance and restore one’s life force, or healing energy, encompasses the acknowledgement and education of energy centers that keep the body’s cells healthy, functioning, and alive. Energy can be identified as power derived from physical resources to provide positive or negative frequencies. The molecules located within our bodies are constantly vibrating; these vibrations may radiate frequencies that can be positive or negative just as much as balanced or unbalanced. Misaligned frequencies can materialize into physical ailments, like pains, sickness, and mental distress.


Carmen’s passion for energetic healing stems from interpersonal development and an extensive history of learning to balance her own frequencies to promote self-healing. Becoming a licensed massage therapist not only bridged the gap between the metaphysical and physical aspects of the human composition but has also allowed her to adopt a tangible method of healing pain.


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